10mm Grey PP Honeycomb Sheet for Pallet Sleeve

This 10mm Grey PP Honeycomb Sheet for Pallet Sleeve is perfect for creating secure and lightweight pallet pack sleeves. Made of durable Polypropylene, this honeycomb sheet is designed to give palletized goods maximum protection during transit and storage.

The sheet measures at 10mm thick, making it flexible enough to fit into tight spaces but strong enough to ensure that products are securely cushioned during transport. The edges can be rounded to prevent any damage to the contents of the sleeve.

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PP Honeycomb Sheet Specifications

Product Name  10mm Grey PP Honeycomb Sheet for Pallet Sleeve
Material  Polypropylene (PP)
Thickness  10mm, 11mm
Size  max width upto 2000mm and customable
Color  Grey, Black
Surface Treatment  Smooth/matte
Weight  2500gsm, 3000gsm, 3500gsm
Formability  Can be cut and bent easily
Usage  Used for pallet pack sleeve applications
Advantages  Lightweight, durable, cost-effective, environmentally friendly
Lead Time  2 weeks
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