Plastic Board Butt Welding Machine for Pallet Sleeves

butt welding machine for plastic board is used to join two pieces plastic boards, which employs a heating element to melt the edges of the boards and fuse them together. butt welding machine creates a strong connection between the boards, resulting in a seamless and durable pallet container sleeve. The foldable design of the sleeve allows for easy storage and transportation, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to optimize their logistics processes. Overall, the combination of the plastic boards and butt welding machine offers a cost-effective and efficient method for creating reliable pallet container sleeves.

To make foldable pallet container sleeves, 4-12mm plastic board is used, such as PP honeycomb panels, PP corrugated sheet, or PP bubble guard board. These types of plastic boards are known for their lightweight yet sturdy construction, making them ideal for transportation and storage applications.

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Butt Welding Machine Features

Plastic butt welding machine provides a cost-effective and efficient method for creating reliable pallet container sleeves. The honeycomb butt welding machine process ensures that the connection between the two plastic boards is strong and durable, creating a product that can be used repeatedly without compromising its integrity.

These sleeves are ideal for businesses looking to optimize their logistics processes, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Raw Materai  All plastic sheet, PP honeycomb panel, pp corrguated sheet, X type pp hollow board
Thickness  4-12mm
Max width  upto 1300mm or custom
Heating time  adjustable
Docking time  adjustable
Docking Move  auto
Material insert  manually
Structure  Square steel
hydraulic system  Pirelli air cylinder
Power  2.0 kw
Voltage  380v or custom
Size  L1700xW2400xH1100mm
Working Speed  please check video
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