4mm PP Bubble Guard Board for Trunk Floors

This 4mm PP Bubble Guard Board specially for Trunk Floors, Trunk Flooring provides superior quality protection for your trunk flooring from the wear and tear of daily use. This strong and durable guard board is constructed with quality PP material that stands up to any weather conditions, offering long-lasting protection for your trunk floor. The board features 4mm thick bubbled surface, which helps to protect against scratches, dents, and other damages from cargo and daily wear. With minimal effort, you can easily install this board in the trunk of any vehicle to create a safe, protected and stylish look. The board also comes with an lamination layer as nonwoven fabric backing that makes installation even easier.

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Trunk floor pp bubble guard board Specifications

Product Name  4mm PP Bubble Guard Board for Trunk Floors
Dimensions  48” x 96” (1220 mm x 2440 mm)
Thickness  4mm
Material  Polypropylene (PP)
Surface  Smooth
Color  Black
Weight  1500kg/m2
Temperature Resistance  -40°C to 80°C
Fire Resistance  Self-extinguishing
 Impact Resistance  200 J/m
Compression Strength  500 KPa
Tensile Strength  400 KPa
Sound Insulation  20 dB
Thermal Insulation  0.025 W/mK
UV Resistance  Good
Waterproofing  Good
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